Cats wallpaper collection

Cats are probably the most loved pets across the globe. These cute photos of cats is sure to catch attention of cat lovers.

The lifespan of domestic cat depends on many things like breed or food but the most important thing is probably if your cat go outside or not. Generally they live an average of 15 years while many reach 20.

The notion that feline age is seven times the human age is not true. Most of cat die around 15 years old while human won't survive to 105.

Cats with longest lifespan are Burmese, Manx, Savannah, Egyptian Mau and Ragdoll.

Guiness record recorded "Creme Puff" as the oldest cat in the world at 38 years old.

Savannah cats is the most searched breed of cat on the internet. With an average price of $14,000 for F1 generation male and $18,000 for female, they are one of the most expensive cats breeds.

Savannahs cat are expensive because they are difficult to reproduce. Most of african Serval don't want to reproduce with a domestic cat and due to size of serval, only a small percentage of domestic cat can handle the weight of Serval.

Breeders are missing several opportunities because of female silent heat cycles and the fact that Serval prefer to find their mate in nature than on Tinder or in a laboratory.

To become popular on the internet as in life, cat's developped a Mind-controlling parasite named the Toxoplasma gondii. Cats get it by eating infected rodents and will transmit it to their owner using their cat litter box.

Approximately 25% of US citizen is infected by Toxo. The human immune system is able to keep the parasites out of hand. But Once you're affected, you'll love cat's forever and you will start watching cat videos on youtube and use a cat photos as your desktop background.

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